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A Legacy of Organic and Biodynamic Excellence

The Weingut Wittmann wines have a rich history rooted in a commitment to organic and biodynamic practices. Since 1990, the Wittmann family estate has been certified organic, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable viticulture. In 2004, they furthered their commitment by embracing biodynamic principles, solidifying their position as pioneers in Germany's organic wine movement.

The Terroir: A Testament to Centuries of Natural Transformation

Located in the picturesque countryside around Westhofen, the Weingut Wittmann vineyards benefit from the gentle rolling hills that conceal the remarkable story of millions of years of geological evolution. Deep beneath the surface lie layers of sedimentation and the forces of immense pressure, resulting in a remarkable diversity of geological formations. These ancient influences are translated into the very essence of Wittmann wines.

Biodynamics: Nurturing the Vineyards and Cosmic Harmony

Biodynamic viticulture goes beyond organic practices, delving into a profound understanding of cosmic forces and their impact on plant growth. The Wittmanns engage intimately with their vineyards, seeking to cultivate a balanced and harmonious environment. They recognize the uniqueness of each vineyard, grape variety, and microclimate, emphasizing the importance of daily contact and meticulous observation of the vines. By avoiding synthetic substances and embracing cosmic rhythms, they create wines of exceptional quality and expression.

An Artisanal Journey from Vineyard to Cellar

The Wittmanns' commitment to excellence extends to every step of the winemaking process. Selective hand-harvesting in multiple passes ensures that only the finest grapes make their way to the winery. Once there, the grapes undergo rigorous sorting and gentle pressing. The precious juice then flows naturally, without force, down into the cellar, situated six meters underground. Fermentation occurs slowly and naturally, exclusively with indigenous yeasts, allowing the wine to undergo its remarkable transformation from cloudy and sweet grape juice to a dry, complex creation.

Aging in Timeless Elegance: The Vaulted Cellar

The maturation of Wittmann wines takes place in their historic vaulted cellar, dating back to 1829. Within its hallowed walls, Philipp Wittmann meticulously watches over each wine as it rests in eighty wooden casks. These barrels, some over a century old, have borne witness to countless exceptional vintages. Each cask holds the harvest of a single vineyard parcel, showcasing the unique character and terroir of each wine. Under constant temperature and humidity, the wines find the perfect conditions for refinement and development.

Experience the extraordinary craftsmanship and distinctive character of Weingut Wittmann wines.

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