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Discover the Rich History of Mountadam Vineyards

Established in 1972, Mountadam Vineyards holds a prominent place in the Australian Wine Industry. The late David Wynn, a visionary in the field, founded the vineyard with a deep belief in the potential of cool, elevated sites to produce wines of exceptional elegance and structure. In honour of his son, Adam, who became the company's winemaker in 1984, Wynn named the vineyard Mountadam.

Uncovering the Perfect Vineyard Site

David Wynn embarked on an extensive search across Australia to find the ideal location for Mountadam. His quest led him to the captivating sub-region known today as High Eden, situated high above the picturesque township of Eden Valley. In 2001, High Eden was officially recognized as a sub-region of Eden Valley, encompassing a sprawling oval-shaped area spanning 40 square kilometres of the region's highest points.

A Serendipitous Encounter with Nature

During David Wynn's initial exploration of the property, he invited his artist friend, Tate Adams, to design the wine label. As they walked the vineyard, two majestic eagles gracefully circled above them, revealing that they had chosen a tree on the property as their nesting site. Inspired by this enchanting encounter, Adams ingeniously incorporated the image of the eagle into two captivating engravings that became the iconic symbol of Mountadam Vineyards.

A Journey Continues with the Brown Family

In 2005, the stewardship of Mountadam Vineyards passed into the hands of David and Jenni Brown, who acquired the vineyard from LMVH. Later, in 2015, the Browns expanded their commitment to David Wynn's vision by acquiring the second High Eden vineyard, which Wynn had established as part of the Wynns group, now a part of Treasury Wine Estates. These two vineyards, divided by the High Eden road, unite under the Brown family's passionate dedication to producing wines that exude elegance and structure. Embracing sustainable, low-input viticulture practices, the Browns ensure the continued success of these vineyards for generations to come.

High Eden: A Sub-Region of Distinction

In recognition of its unique attributes, the High Eden sub-region was officially listed in the Register of Protected Names on August 28, 2001. Spanning an expansive area within the southwestern part of Eden Valley, this somewhat oval-shaped region encompasses nearly 40 square kilometers. With an average elevation of over 500 meters and reaching up to 600 meters above sea level, High Eden boasts cooler temperatures and strong winds, distinguishing it from other vineyards in Eden Valley. Its pristine landscape, adorned with native vegetation like towering giant red gum trees, remains largely unspoiled. The soil composition varies across the sub-region, presenting a tapestry of different types depending on the location.

Eden Valley: A Haven for Distinctive Wines

Characterized by its cool climate, ancient soils, and later ripening, Eden Valley wines exhibit a distinct character marked by captivating aromatics, elegance, complexity, and finesse. This esteemed wine region was officially acknowledged and protected on August 15, 1997, and falls within the larger geographical zone of Barossa. While Eden Valley is part of the Barossa zone, its vineyards sit at higher altitudes, ranging from 380 to 600 meters above sea level, compared to most vineyards in the Barossa. Harvest in Eden Valley typically occurs two weeks later than in other parts of the Barossa zone, attributed to the region's unique microclimate. The diverse soil types, influenced by the area's altitude and topography, include sandy loam, clay loam, ironstone gravels, and quartz gravels.

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