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The History and Significance of Domaine Leflaive

The story of Domaine Leflaive is one rooted in a deep respect for the vine and a commitment to nurturing its true potential. From its beginnings, the Leflaive family embraced the values of meticulous craftsmanship and allowing nature to shine through. It all started when Joseph Leflaive took on the task of replanting the vineyard after the devastating phylloxera crisis. He understood the importance of adapting to each unique climatic condition, allowing the vineyards to reveal their distinct personalities.

Over the years, Domaine Leflaive expanded its holdings, acquiring vineyards in the esteemed Côte de Beaune and the Mâconnais region. These newly acquired vineyards were immediately converted to biodynamic practices, further reflecting the family's commitment to sustainable viticulture. In the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, a meticulous process of soil observation and ecosystem preservation led to the planting of vines in 2021, unlocking the great potential of these meadows.

The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of everything the Domaine Leflaive teams do. From the simplest plots to the most sought-after grand crus, every vine is monitored with unwavering attention to detail. Embracing biodynamic principles, which go beyond organic farming, Domaine Leflaive ensures the health of the vines, enhances soil quality, and preserves the delicate balance of the surrounding fauna and flora. Coupled with tightly controlled yields and harvesting at optimal maturity, these practices allow each terroir to express itself fully, resulting in wines that are vibrant and alive.

Horse Ploughing: A Sustainable Tradition

At Domaine Leflaive, a tradition of horse ploughing has been employed in the cultivation of their grand crus and select premiers crus, such as Les Pucelles. This practice goes beyond mere symbolism and holds significant agronomic value. By replacing the use of weedkillers and minimizing their carbon footprint, horses play a crucial role in the vineyard's ecosystem. Their gentle passage allows for lesser soil compaction, promoting organic life and creating an earth that feels soft, like a cotton mattress, between the rows of vines. This softness enables the roots to delve deeper and explore the true nature of the terroir.

Horses also contribute their precision and intuition to the vineyard work, particularly in the meticulously cared-for old vine plots. They can sense the resistance of a vine and adjust their pace accordingly, avoiding potential damage that a mechanized machine might cause. Currently, Domaine Leflaive is home to three cherished horses, lovingly cared for by the vineyard's caretaker in Puligny-Montrachet.

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