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The History and Significance of Alkina Wines

Alkina wines - a brand deeply rooted in the rich history and natural wonders of the Australian land. With a profound respect for the environment, Alkina strives to understand, nurture, care for, and ultimately express the beauty of this land through its exceptional wines, values, and visitor experiences.

The Meaning of 'ALKINA'

The name 'ALKINA' holds significant meaning for the brand, symbolizing the moon or moonlight in Indigenous Australian culture. This name encapsulates the reverence Alkina has for the land and the various natural forces it collaborates with to infuse life, energy, and authenticity into its wines.

The Birth of Alkina

In 2015, the farm at Alkina came into existence when Alejandro Bulgheroni, an esteemed Argentinian vintner, acquired a property near Greenock in the renowned Barossa Valley. This land was adorned with vineyards dating back to the 1950s and old stone buildings constructed in the 1850s. The allure of the rolling hills, promising geology, and the presence of Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro, and Semillon vines, now known as the Old Quarter, captivated both Alejandro Bulgheroni and local winegrower Amelia Nolan.

Inspired by the historic significance of the area, particularly the German settler history and the establishment of a farm by the Schulz family in the 1840s, Alkina embarked on a remarkable journey. Collaborating with skilled local tradesmen and artisans, they lovingly restored the old stone buildings, ensuring the authenticity of the preservation by utilizing stone sourced from the property itself.

A Treasured Estate

Today, Alkina proudly stands on a 60-hectare farm, with 43 hectares dedicated to organically farmed vines. Alongside the ancient plantings, younger vines now thrive, focusing on the heritage varieties that have found their natural home in the Barossa Valley. All Alkina wines are meticulously grown and crafted on the estate, with hand-picked grapes transported to the small winery located in an original 1850s building. The heart of the vineyard is graced by the presence of the homestead (1900), the cottage, and the tasting room (both 1850), forming a delightful village within the estate.

A Commitment to Authentic Terroir Wines

Alkina's commitment to producing authentic terroir wines is unwavering. The estate comprises of the original vineyard, certified organic and biodynamic (NASAA) since 2016, and the neighbouring 20-hectare Owens Vineyard, which achieved full organic and biodynamic certification in 2022. The focus lies in allowing the grapes to communicate their unique origin, with distinct variations found in fruit from vines just meters apart. Soil health, along with plant and microbial diversity, plays pivotal roles in this endeavour.

A Partnership with Nature

Alkina's approach embraces a harmonious partnership with nature. Cover crops are sown in every row to replenish nutrients and organic matter in the soil. Meticulous management of the weed population is achieved through careful mowing under each vine row, eliminating the need for synthetic chemicals. Over the past five years, Alkina has witnessed a significant decline in weed burden, transforming the vineyard into a thriving ecosystem. This holistic approach allows complex ecosystems both above and below ground to flourish, ensuring a healthy and vibrant vineyard teeming with life.

Experience the extraordinary wines of Alkina and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

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