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Henri Prudhon, born in Saint-Aubin in 1921, laid the foundation of our esteemed estate. Descended from a lineage of vintners, his union in 1945 marked the genesis of the HENRI PRUDHON estate, where each spouse brought forth the rich legacy of winemaking passed down through generations.

Their second child, Gérard, born in 1949, was enamored by the artistry of winemaking and returned to collaborate with his parents. During those early years, the estate primarily supplied grape must and wine to local merchants. However, Gérard harbored aspirations to elevate the estate's profile through bottling and direct marketing endeavors, recognizing the inherent quality of the wines produced.

In the early 1980s, Gérard spearheaded the expansion by acquiring additional vineyard plots in Saint-Aubin, Chassagne Montrachet, and Puligny Montrachet. As a result, a significant portion of the production transitioned to bottled wines, attracting attention from foreign markets, particularly in England and America. Leveraging the proximity of Saint-Aubin to prestigious Montrachet vintages and its favorable pricing, the HENRI PRUDHON estate secured a prominent presence, thanks to esteemed importers such as Neal Rosenthal in New York and Richards Walford in London.

Today, the legacy is entrusted to Gérard's two children, Vincent and Philippe, each equipped with expertise in wine marketing and oenology. They continue the legacy of their forebears by expanding the estate's portfolio, venturing into new markets, modernizing infrastructure including a dedicated facility for order preparation, and upgrading cellar and vineyard equipment, thus ensuring the enduring prosperity of the HENRI PRUDHON estate.

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