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History of Louis Jadot

Established in 1826 with the acquisition of the Beaune Premier Cru Clos des Ursules, Maison Louis Jadot embarked on a remarkable journey that would shape the wine industry in Burgundy. The visionary behind this legacy was Louis Henri Denis Jadot, who founded the house in 1859. Over the course of three decades, he laid the foundation of a family-owned Domaine, contributing to the renowned wines of Burgundy.

The Legacy Continues

Following in the footsteps of Louis Henri Denis Jadot, his descendants upheld the family tradition and elevated the Maison Louis Jadot to new heights. They ventured into the Northern European markets, focusing on the sale of wines, thus enhancing the reputation of Burgundy's wines. The Maison's wines are instantly recognizable by the label adorned with Bacchus's head, which has become a symbolic signature of the house, representing its identity and commitment to excellence.

A Journey of Acquisitions

In 1900, Louis Jean Baptiste Jadot, a prominent figure in the family business, acquired several vineyards, including the coveted Corton Pouget and Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles parcels. These acquisitions further solidified the Maison's portfolio and expanded its influence in the wine industry.

An International Expansion

It was in 1945 that Rudy Kopf, through his partnership with the founder of the Kobrand Corporation, made a significant impact on Maison Louis Jadot's future. Louis Auguste Jadot, then leading the family business, decided to export wines to the UK and the USA, paving the way for international success and recognition.

Leadership Transitions

In 1954, André Gagey joined Maison Louis Jadot as Louis Auguste Jadot's deputy. Over time, André assumed the helm of the business, becoming its head. Eventually, his son, Pierre-Henry Gagey, followed in his footsteps and joined the Maison, ensuring the continuity of the family's legacy.

A Pivotal Decision

In 1985, Madame Jadot, acknowledging the importance of preserving the Maison's heritage while embracing the future, made a significant decision. She sold the business to the family of Rudy Kopf, the US importer of Maison Louis Jadot's wines. This decision served as a tribute to the fateful meeting that occurred four decades earlier, forging a strong bond between the two families.

Continuing the Tradition

With the dawn of the 21st century, Pierre-Henry Gagey's son, Thibault, joined the Maison in 2014, further enriching the family's involvement. Today, Thomas SEITER serves as the CEO, alongside Thibault Gagey as the General Manager, leading Maison Louis Jadot into the future while upholding its rich heritage and commitment to producing exceptional wines.

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