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The History and Significance of Pietradolce Wines

Established in 2005, Pietradolce found its home in Solicchiata, a picturesque area within the district of the Sicilian hill town of Castiglione di Sicilia on the Northern slopes of Mount Etna. Nestled between 600 and 900 feet above sea level, the vineyards span across 11 hectares, encompassing three distinct sections. Two of these sections fall within the territory of Rampante, while the remaining one resides in the territory of Zottorinoto.

A Harmonious Blend of Architecture and Nature

The winery itself is a masterpiece of hypogean construction, designed to be less invasive and more respectful of the surrounding landscape. Its architecture seamlessly merges with the environment, guided by an eco-friendly approach that incorporates energy-saving techniques, ensuring natural thermic insulation within the facility.

A synthesis of art and artisanship characterizes the cellar, giving rise to contemporary-style spaces intimately connected to their territory. Volcanic rocks, iron, wood, and soil from the vineyards constitute the primary materials employed in interior design. The cellar showcases a captivating collection of artwork crafted by local artisans and renowned Italian artists, including Alfio Bonanno, who harnesses natural elements in his creations, and Giorgio Vigna, known for his innovative work with glass, metals, and paper, evoking primal forms.

The Essence of Etna in the Soil

The soils of Pietradolce's vineyards possess distinctive qualities. Comprised of stony, light, sandy loam, enriched with abundant mineral elements, these soils are a generous gift from "our" volcano. They bestow our wines with exceptional characteristics, rendering them truly unparalleled.

Cultivating Native Grape Varieties

Pietradolce has made a deliberate choice to cultivate only grape varieties that are native to Mount Etna. These grapes are predominantly grown as traditional bushes, a method deemed most suitable for the local conditions. Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, and Carricante take centre stage in our winemaking history, embodying the essence of our land.

A Deep Love and Respect for the Land

At the core of Pietradolce's philosophy lies an unwavering love for the land, matched only by the profound respect with which it is treated. The winery draws inspiration from the rich local traditions, integrating them with carefully selected modern viticultural techniques. This harmonious blend allows us to breathe life into our passion: the creation of exceptional wines that reflect the soul of Etna.

Symbolism and Artistry

The triangle, a perfect form reflecting its own image, serves as the symbolic representation of Pietradolce's philosophy. It epitomizes the volcano that bestows its bountiful goodness upon the surrounding soil and terrain. Our labels feature the elegant and powerful image of the "woman volcano," perfectly capturing the essence of our wines. Additionally, for our other range of wines, we choose to emphasize the explosive energy of the volcano through a hand-drawn mark that repeats in a random manner, evoking its raw power.

Experience the Essence of Etna with Pietradolce Wines

Immerse yourself in the captivating history and unique significance of Pietradolce wines. Discover the harmonious fusion of traditional techniques and modern viticulture that brings these exceptional wines to life. Experience the volcanic terroir of Mount Etna with every sip, and indulge in the passion and artistry captured within each bottle.

Explore our exquisite selection of Pietradolce wines at The Reserve Cellar and embark on an extraordinary journey through the flavours of Sicily.

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