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History and Significance of Chateau Meursault

Chateau Meursault holds a rich history that intertwines with its profound significance in the world of winemaking. With a scientific approach rooted in sustainable viticulture, this renowned estate understands that exceptional wines can only be crafted from exceptional grapes. Hence, utmost care is taken to cultivate the vines in accordance with organic farming practices, respecting the expression of the fruit and the terroir.

Preserving Ecosystems and Nurturing Life

At Chateau Meursault, the balance and preservation of ecosystems are of paramount importance. The estate embraces virtuous practices to harmonize with its terroirs. By implementing methods such as crushing vine shoots and establishing biodiversity corridors, Chateau Meursault enhances the balance of soils, nurturing abundant life within them. This symbiotic relationship between roots, fungi, and bacteria contributes to the vitality of the soil, supporting the growth of healthy vines.

The Art of Pruning and Vine Management

Protecting and nurturing the vines at Chateau Meursault involves the practice of Poussard pruning, which respects the natural flow of sap. By trellising the vines, the estate ensures harmonious vegetation growth, creating well-ventilated clusters that are less susceptible to diseases. Through these meticulous vine management techniques, Chateau Meursault maintains the health and integrity of its vineyard, resulting in premium grape quality.

Preservation of Burgundy's Heritage

Chateau Meursault proudly contributes to the preservation of Burgundy's heritage. With the registration of the Climats of Burgundy as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the estate plays a vital role in showcasing the unique character of the region's landscapes. Chateau Meursault actively participates in the restoration of dry stone walls and winegrowers' cabins, emphasizing the historical and cultural significance of its surroundings.

Meticulous Harvesting and Vinification

As the effects of global warming become increasingly evident, Chateau Meursault adapts its practices to preserve the freshness and balance of the grapes. The estate meticulously harvests the fruit, employing manual techniques using small 20-kilo perforated boxes. The harvested grapes undergo careful sorting, with whites sorted by hand and reds sorted through optical sorting. This attention to detail ensures that only the highest quality grapes are selected for vinification.

Revealing Terroir through Craftsmanship

Chateau Meursault's craftsmanship is showcased in its meticulous work, tailored to each parcel of vines. By focusing on quality grapes, the estate unveils the unique expression of each terroir. The alcoholic fermentation is conducted gently and regularly, favouring techniques such as pumping over and punching down to extract the finest tannins. For red wines, a long vatting period is followed by aging in oak barrels on the lees, adding depth and complexity to the final product.

Exquisite Chardonnays and Carbon Neutrality

The well-golden Chardonnays of Chateau Meursault embody elegance and freshness. To preserve these qualities, the grapes are harvested promptly. After meticulous manual sorting, pressing, and settling the alcoholic fermentation takes place in barrels, lasting 10 to 15 days depending on the terroir. Each cuvée is unique, with lees stirring applied selectively to enhance complexity.

Commitment to Sustainability

Chateau Meursault goes above and beyond to minimize its environmental impact. To offset carbon emissions, a riparian forest has been planted in the Clos du Château de Meursault, and young trees are also being planted throughout the vineyard. The estate limits the use of heavy machinery, reduces the weight of its bottles by 15%, and prioritizes the utilization of reusable materials. Waste is diligently avoided, aligning the winery's practices with its commitment to sustainability.

Experience the Heritage and Craftsmanship of Chateau Meursault

Immerse yourself in the legacy and exquisite wines of Chateau Meursault. Explore the harmonious relationship between the vineyard and the terroir, witness the meticulous craftsmanship in the cellar, and savour the remarkable flavours that capture the essence of Burgundy.

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