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Ponting Wines embodies the seamless collaboration between Ricky Ponting, one of Australia’s revered cricketers, and Ben Riggs, an award-winning Australian winemaker renowned for crafting uncompromising, high-quality wines. Their mastery in their respective domains forms the foundation of a partnership that pays tribute to their unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements.

Each meticulously crafted wine within the collection serves as a reflection of Ricky's life, with Ben ensuring that every nuance of flavour, structure, and complexity attains the pinnacle of excellence.

The crowning jewel, Ponting 366, stands as a testament to Ricky Ponting's extraordinary cricketing career, celebrating 168 Tests, 13,378 runs, and 41 illustrious centuries. Ben artfully blends Shiraz and Cabernet from the renowned regions of McLaren Vale and Coonawarra, creating a wine destined to endure the test of time.

The Tasmanian Chardonnay and Mowbray Boy Pinot Noir pay homage to Ricky's deep affinity for Tasmania, acknowledging his familial roots and formative years at the Mowbray Cricket Club—a journey from child protege to eventual national team captain.

The Pinnacle McLaren Vale Shiraz, an ode to the legendary Ashes battles, mirrors Ricky's uncompromising career against England. Having captained 18 out of 35 Tests, scoring eight centuries and 2,476 test runs, this wine captures the essence of his fierce rivalry.

The Close of Play Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine exuding character and style, encapsulates the camaraderie and tradition of raising a glass with teammates at the close of play—an ideal "Finale" for any gathering.

Ponting Wines serves as a celebration of the exceptional commitment, dedication, and triumphs achieved by Ben Riggs and Ricky Ponting in their respective crafts.

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