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The History and Significance of Piedrasassi

Piedrasassi, located in the Central Coast of California, is a renowned brand that cultivates grapes and grain with a deep appreciation for the region and its people. Through their exceptional bread and wine, they strive to convey the unique stories of this captivating area. Rooted in their family-owned winery and bakery, Piedrasassi approaches their craft with reverence for the land, ensuring each harvest celebrates the inherent beauty of the place.

The Art of Syrah

At Piedrasassi, their primary focus lies in cultivating and vinifying Syrah, a grape variety that winemaker Sashi Moorman has passionately worked with for over two decades. Sashi's expertise is shaped by the viticultural heritage of the Northern Rhone as well as the pioneering ethos of the Central Coast. This combination influences his meticulous approach to crafting exceptional Syrah.

The Craftsmanship of Bread and Wine

In the Piedrasassi bakery, Melissa Sorongon skillfully mills American heritage grains to create naturally-leavened loaves, which are then baked in a hand-built wood-fired oven. Together with her daughter, Juliet, Melissa brings these delectable breads and a thoughtfully curated selection of Piedrasassi wines to Santa Barbara's Saturday farmers' market, sharing their passion for quality and taste.

The Terroir of Central Coast

Piedrasassi's fascination with the Central Coast is deeply rooted in the region's remarkable east-west transverse valleys, shaped by centuries of tectonic contortion and upheaval. These valleys boast a geological tapestry where diverse soils from various epochs intertwine. Nurtured by the cooling winds and enveloping fog of the Pacific, the hillsides within these valleys offer some of California's most captivating terroir for Syrah, adding a distinct character to Piedrasassi's wines.

Winemaking Philosophy

At Piedrasassi's winery, the utmost care is taken to extract the true essence of each harvest, highlighting the unique expression of place in every bottle. They employ a harmonious blend of time-honoured techniques, insights from their journeys, and intuitive winemaking. By cultivating the native yeasts from their vineyards and fermenting without additives or temperature manipulation, they let the grapes' natural characteristics shine. Piedrasassi often utilizes the whole grape cluster, including berries and stems, and ages their wines in large, used barrels. The final bottling involves minimal sulphur and no fining or filtration, resulting in pure expressions of their craft.

The Piedrasassi Experience

Piedrasassi embraces experimentation while staying true to their core principles. Their commitment to ecological responsibility and the well-being of their patrons is unwavering. With each passing year, their wines reveal new facets of time and place, designed to age gracefully. Above all, Piedrasassi believes that wine should be enjoyed alongside food and in good company, making it an essential presence at the dinner table.

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