Non No. 3 Cinnamon And Yuzu (Non-alcoholic Alternative)


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Victoria, Australia


A non-alcoholic counterpart to the elegance of a classic dry white wine or a refreshing aperitif, this concoction marries verjus and filtered water with a symphony of exceptional ingredients. Among them are Sri Lankan cinnamon, Japanese yuzu, Valencia oranges, and the nuanced essence of Murray River salt, culminating in a sensory experience that transcends expectations.

I wholeheartedly endorse every beverage within the NON range, each for its own compelling reasons. The absence of alcohol becomes almost inconsequential in the face of their exceptional flavors and profiles. Among them, the NON 2 Caramelised Pear and Kombu stands out as my personal favorite, boasting richness, complexity, and pure satisfaction. With the infusion of cardamom and pepper lending spicy accents, and black tea and ginger imparting profound depth, its overall essence reminiscent of a captivatingly funky farmhouse cider is truly remarkable.


Serving Temp.
8-12 °C
Food pairing
Miso glazed vegetables (V), antipasti (V, VG), fresh seafood

Tasting Profile

Japanese yuzu, Valencia oranges, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Murray River salt, organic cane sugar, verjus, filtered water.
Burnt floral citrus; tart edge; linear salinity; semi-sweet note.

Non No. 3 Cinnamon And Yuzu (Non-alcoholic Alternative)

Non No. 3 Cinnamon And Yuzu  (Non-alcoholic Alternative)

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