Kumeu River Village Pinot Noir 2022


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Auckland, New Zealand


Nestled within a 30-hectare expanse, Kumeu River Wines is a realm where the land unfolds as a tapestry of predominantly clay soils, cradling a steadfast bedrock of sandstone. Beneath the surface, these soil types cradle an intricate reservoir of moisture, even in the height of summer, nurturing the vine's roots with an unrushed supply. This delicate equilibrium ensures a sustained vitality without veering into excessive growth, an orchestration orchestrated by nature itself. Here, the gift of underground water negates the need for irrigation—a pivotal facet that underscores the caliber of Kumeu River's precious harvest.

Though perched further north than its viticultural counterparts, Kumeu's climate enjoys a frosty temperance, a gift bestowed by its proximity to the Tasman Sea, a mere 20 kilometers to the west, and the Pacific Ocean, extending 30 kilometers to the east. This maritime embrace generates a temperate cloak of clouds, gently weaving a moderating influence upon the climate. The result is a delicate balance, holding peak summer temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. Within this climate, a symphony of aromas and flavors flourishes, particularly in the early ripening varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

The vineyards are thoughtfully orchestrated on a "Lyre" trellis, an architectural ballet that optimizes light exposure, nurturing grape maturity and elevating quality. A hallmark of distinction, every grape is bestowed the honor of hand-harvesting—an endeavor that, while time-intensive, affords the meticulous selection of the finest fruit. This pursuit translates to a harvest of unparalleled excellence, a manifestation of dedication.

For over half a century, the Brajkovich family's stewardship has etched its legacy into the very earth of Kumeu River's vineyards. A labor of love that spans generations, these landscapes bear witness to the toil, the evolution, and the unwavering commitment that have shaped every bottle. Each wine is a story scripted by the interplay of nature's elements and the skillful hands of the Brajkovich family of winemakers.


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Serving Temp.
12-14 °C
Food pairing
Roast Turkey, Lamb Chops and BBQ Pork Ribs

Tasting Profile

The wine displays a bright cherry red /burgundy colour with lifted red fruit aromas.
On the palate the wine is cool, round and fruity and with a nice hint of chalky tannin that keeps the wine dry and refreshing.

Kumeu River Village Pinot Noir 2022

Kumeu River Village Pinot Noir 2022

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