Chateau Pierre-Bise Quarts de Chaume 500ml 2018


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Loire, France


Quarts de Chaume stands as the crown jewel of the Layon, boasting its status as one of the most renowned terroirs in the region. The union of its dedicated producers has unwaveringly upheld the highest production standards in all of France for Quarts de Chaume wines. This commitment is exemplified by stringent criteria: a minimum alcohol potential of 17.5° at harvest, a maximum yield restricted to 25hl per hectare, and an uncompromising prohibition on any form of enrichment.

Quarts-de-Chaume, whether nurtured in the embrace of Brioverian rock (Breton schist) or carboniferous soil, fosters the ideal conditions for the development of botrytisation. These soils, while never overly generous in their vigor, also refrain from subjecting the vines to undue hardship. It is only through meticulously controlled cultivation and an exceptionally delicate harvesting process that the vintner can unlock the full potential of the appellation's meso-climate. Such exquisite care is essential to attain the finesse and complexity that can only be extracted from beautifully overripe grapes, even when it means achieving yields often less than 15 hl per hectare.

In comparison to the Chaume appellation, which shares the same carboniferous terroir, Quarts de Chaume emerges as a distinctive masterpiece. It delivers a captivating aromatic vivacity characterized by a harmonious interplay of "botrytisation/minerality" on the palate. This symphony of flavors is further enhanced by the precision and structural freshness derived from the carboniferous phthanite, setting Quarts de Chaume apart as a true gem of oenological excellence.


Screw cap
Serving Temp.
8-10 °C
Food pairing
Desserts (chocolate, almonds, lemon), blue cheese, fois gras, Asian cuisine

Tasting Profile

Complex aromas of exotic fruits with honey notes are found on the nose.
Rich and powerful on the palate, with a very nice alcohol-sugar balance guaranteed.

Chateau Pierre-Bise Quarts de Chaume 500ml 2018

Chateau Pierre-Bise Quarts de Chaume 500ml 2018

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