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Zalto Universal


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Quite simply, the finer the glass, the more pleasurable it is to drink from. Zalto produces the finest stemware we know of—glasses that seem to almost disappear in the hand and bring you closer to the wine.

This glass is ideal for full-bodied, powerful, and/or developed wines, with its shape allowing both the wine's depth and intensity to shine through, whilst still accentuating its underlying complexity and finesse. It can work for pretty much all Italian wines (although older Nebbiolo is often better in the ‘Burgundy’ glass), as well as all mature whites and reds from anywhere else. Mature Chablis, Riesling, Chianti, and any Australian wine is a good candidate. Also terrific for great grower Champagne. In short, as the name suggests, a brilliant all-rounder.


Dishwasher Safe
Lead-Free Crystal

Zalto Universal

Zalto Universal
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exceptional service.

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