Sidewood Estate Nearly Naked Sparkling


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Adelaide Hills, Australia


At Sidewood Estate, our commitment to crafting exceptional wines led us to our acclaimed Adelaide Hills vineyard. Here, the journey begins as we carefully handpick and crush the finest grapes, a testament to the dedication we pour into each bottle of wine. This intricate process unfolds at our state-of-the-art winery in Nairne, where innovation and tradition harmonize.

What sets our 'NO-LO' sparkling wine apart is our meticulous approach to alcohol removal, a delicate process that preserves the pristine essence of the grapes. The result is a wine that retains its fresh aromas, exuberant flavors, and that signature chalky mouthfeel that aficionados cherish.

The magic of our 'NO-LO' sparkling wine extends beyond the glass. Its brilliance lies in its impeccable balance, with a vivacious, effervescent mid-palate that dances on your taste buds, and a lively, enduring finish that leaves an indelible mark.

We are proud to present the very first 100% Adelaide Hills, super-premium 'NO-LO' sparkling wine, a crowning achievement that encapsulates our passion for winemaking. This is a wine that bares it all, revealing the essence of our vineyard, the craftsmanship of our team, and a taste that defines sophistication. Welcome to the world of Sidewood Estate, where wine is truly stripped bare, revealing its purest form and finest character.


Cork, cage and foil
Serving Temp.
6-8 °C

Tasting Profile

Orange blossom, red apple and gooseberry aromas.
Crisp flavours of lemon peel, brioche and pink grapefruit

Sidewood Estate Nearly Naked Sparkling

Sidewood Estate Nearly Naked Sparkling

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