Louis Roederer Cristal 2015


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Champagne, France
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"Cristal is a wine of evolution, a wine that continues to reveal itself to us, slowly and gradually as it ages, unveiling a very different side to itself and the true extent of its unqiue personality." — Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO

A perfect reflection of its terroir, Cristal hails from vineyard plots that have been slowly built up since 1845 and sustainably worked as part of a bespoke viticultural approach. The practices include massal selection, gentle pruning, the use of biodynamic composts and allowing the land to lie fallow for long periods. Louis Roederer also uses methods inspired by the principles of permaculture, in which the ecosystem adjusts its balance and creates a close bond between Man and Nature.

The Cristal identity is unique, original and truly unlike any other in the history of the fine wines from the Champagne region. It is a wine of the soil, a wine of depth, a wine of the land yet turned to the light, reaching for the sky that il almost seems to touch.

Every new vintage reveals the unmistakable Cristal character although through a very different prism each time. A kaleidoscope of flavours and textures, a palette of nuances that is constantly evolving and renewing itself much to the delight of the wine lover who will be surprised yet delighted to discover Cristal in yet another new light.

Perfectly in keeping with the continental trend of the decade, the 2015 vintage thus created wines that were ripe, well-structured and crowned by a bold freshness guided by its white soils. Brought our by Roederer's gentle and virtuous winegrowing practices, the purity of the chalk shines through and we are offered a perfect symbiosis of maturity and freshness.


97 points

If the 2014 vintage was especially open and demonstrative, the 2015 Cristal is going to require more patience. Unwinding in the glass with aromas of citrus oil, crisp stone fruits, white flowers, crushed mint and subtle hints of buttery pastry, it's medium to full-bodied, deep and layered, with a deep, concentrated and rather introverted core of fruit framed by chalky extract and animated by a pretty pinpoint mousse. This is a serious, vinous Champagne that has considerable substance to age and may well evolve along the lines of the lovely 1985.

96 points

For the warm and dry vintage this has tremendous freshness and elegance. The complex nose of citrus blossom, mint, lemon and lime zest opens up slowly as this aerates in the glass. The wine’s ample structure is still quite firm, which is a vintage characteristic, the mousse very fine but also very lively for an eight-year-old champagne. Cristal fans will love this as it is, but a year or two more in the bottle will do a lot for the very long mineral finish of this youthful masterpiece. A cuvee of 60% pinot noir and 40% chardonnay, picked from all 45 Cristal vineyard plots. Tasted at the Cristal vertical tasting at the champagne house on July 6th, 2023. Drink from release.

95 points

Every glass of wine is a story and when it comes to the Cristal, the story is being continually added to with every vintage.

In a recent conversation with Roederer’s Cellar Master Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, I asked him where the intersection of art and science lay for him as he often waxes lyrical about poetry and art as much as the making of the wine itself. You may have learned from my previous reviews that I too tend to get very whimsical and poor Gary gets blamed for my talk of couture dresses and all things diaphanous or sparkly. Jean-Baptiste said that the vineyard was planted the same year that Baudelaire composed Les Fleurs du Mal. Baudelaire always insisted that the collection was not a “simple album” but had “a beginning and an end,” each poem revealing its full meaning only when read in relation to the others within the “singular framework” in which it is placed. I think that Cristal carries some of that with it, each vintage is its own piece but also tells a story when placed alongside the other vintages. It also tells the tale of the world around it, grapes, vineyard management, climate change and more all become woven into the tapestry of the wine.


Cork, cage and foil
Serving Temp.
7-10 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2065
Food pairing
Champagne pairs well with a variety of foods, including oysters, caviar, strawberries, smoked salmon, soft cheeses, and sushi, making it a versatile choice for both seafood and light, elegant dishes.

Tasting Profile

An open and inviting nose references cream, oatmeal, and Amalfi lemon with the slightest edge of smoke.
The palate immediately strikes with a mouthwatering lemon ripeness and a juicy, mouth-filling generosity reminiscent of yellow plum. It stays true to the trademark sleekness of Cristal and speaks of the concentration of 2015. Fine mousse accentuates the fullness and roundness of the wine while the long finish hints at chalky depth, which, for now, is dominated by ripe stone fruit and more of that textured, rich notion of oatmeal. Definitely a Cristal to enjoy soon.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2015

Louis Roederer Cristal 2015

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