Julian Haart Mosel Riesling 2022


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Mosel, Germany


Julian's credentials read like the vinous equivalent of studying art with the likes of Picasso, da Vinci, and Ingres—having been mentored by luminaries such as Egon Müller, Klaus Peter Keller, and Werner Schönleber. Yet, this impressive resume, though easily encapsulated in glossy headlines, belies a narrative far more nuanced and complex. In our interactions, Julian emerges as an exceptionally serious, thoughtful, and detail-oriented grower, embodying a relentless pursuit of excellence that foretells his imminent stature as a profoundly impactful vintner.

From a minute 0.25-hectare plot of terraced vines in the renowned Goldtröpchen vineyard, Julian has expanded his viticultural footprint, acquiring additional parcels and securing significant plots from his uncle. The overarching style pays homage to Mosel traditions, reminiscent of Keller's finesse. Julian's wines are a symphony of glossy, super-pure fruit that reverberates across the palate with a pushing, sharply delineated acidity. Pulverized slate, refined to a fine dust, gracefully envelopes every facet of the tasting experience.

At Haart, the hierarchy mirrors Burgundy, with an appellation-level "Moselle" akin to Bourgogne and the village-level Piesporter. Adding to our collection, we've procured an entire Fuder of Julian’s younger-vine juice, aptly named “1,000L,” echoing the success of the previous year. It's imperative to note that quantities of all these exceptional wines are limited.


Serving Temp.
9-11 °C
Food pairing
Stinky Cheese, Roast White Meats, Fresh Seafood, Fried Food

Tasting Profile

Green apple, lime zest, honeysuckle, smoke.

Julian Haart Mosel Riesling 2022

Julian Haart Mosel Riesling 2022

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