Stargazer Single Vineyard Riesling 2023


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Tasmania, Australia
94 points


Quartz-green in colour. Crammed with vibrant green apple and yuzu notes on the nose, with lifted jasmine and crystallised ginger aromatics. The palate’s bright acidity and river-stone flavours are balanced with a gentle fruit sweetness and a bright, glossy finish.

Dressed in a resplendent quartz-green robe, this Riesling is a symphony of flavor and fragrance. The initial encounter reveals a treasure trove of vivacious green apple and yuzu notes on the nose, accompanied by the graceful ascent of jasmine and the subtle allure of crystallized ginger aromatics.

Upon tasting, this fine Riesling dances on the palate with undeniable grace. Aromas reminiscent of granny smith granita, zesty lime sherbet, and a hint of ginger-spiced quince take center stage. The acidity, akin to a juicy balancing beam, guides the wine through a mesmerizing journey, weaving and winding across waves of fruit intensity, leaving an enduring mark on the senses.

A judicious touch of sweetness, delicately draped across the finish, not only tempers any hint of severity but also elevates the wine's juiciness, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors that lingers luxuriously. The grand finale boasts an extraordinary length that resonates long after the final sip.


94 points

Fine riesling, verging on exceptional. Aromas of granny smith granita, lime sherbet, ginger and spiced quince. The acidity, a juicy balancing beam as the wine twists, turns and meanders across the wave of fruit intensity, staining the cheeks. A judicious dollop of sugar, draped across the finish mitigates severity, while promoting juiciness. Super length. Drink or hold.


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Serving Temp.
8-12 °C
Cellar until
Food pairing
Riesling pairs well with a wide range of foods, but it particularly excels when matched with spicy dishes, seafood, and Asian cuisine due to its refreshing acidity and versatile flavor profile.

Stargazer Single Vineyard Riesling 2023

Stargazer Single Vineyard Riesling 2023

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