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The History and Significance of Powell & Son

In the early 1980s, Powell & Son's story begins with the founder's decision to embark on a different path. After finishing high school and studying economics, he realized that a life in economics wasn't his true calling. Seeking adventure and unsure of his future, he dropped out of university and set off to travel the world. It was during this journey that he met his future wife while working as a lumberjack in the highlands of Scotland. Eventually, they decided to return to South Australia, the founder's homeland and began working in the Barossa region in the early '80s. The allure of the wine culture and the experience of working for renowned Australian wineries deepened their passion for winemaking, prompting them to stay and explore this path further.

Embracing the Wine Culture

Years passed, and the Barossan wine culture left an indelible mark on the couple. They had the opportunity to work for esteemed establishments in the Australian wine world, including Peter Lehmann, Yalumba, Wolf Blass, Saltram, and Rockford. As their travels extended beyond Australia, they delved into the old-world wine regions of Northern Italy and France's Rhone Valley, gaining valuable insights into winemaking traditions and techniques.

Discovering the Barossa's Secret

These experiences led them to a profound realization: the secret to the Barossa's wine success lay in its ancient, dry-grown Rhone grapevines. Planted over a century ago by the region's original settlers, these vines thrived in the Barossa's unique soil and climate. The couple recognized the significance of these exceptional vineyards.

A Journey to Revive Old Vines

In the early '90s, the couple embarked on a search for available old vines across the Barossa. Many vineyard owners, affected by the recent wine glut, had neglected their vines, even considering uprooting them for alternative land use. However, the couple saw the potential and convinced the growers otherwise. They developed a share farming agreement, committing to reviving the neglected vines over the years. This arrangement allowed them access to some of the most sought-after grapes from the Barossa's oldest and most revered vines.

A Brand Rooted in History and International Acclaim

Named after the place where they first met in Scotland, Powell & Son quickly gained international acclaim for their wines. Described as embodying a fusion of both Northern and Southern Hemisphere characteristics, their wines captivated wine enthusiasts around the world.

Establishing Powell & Son: A Vision for Barossan Terroir

In 2014, the founder and his son began a new chapter with Powell & Son. Their vision was to create expressive wines that authentically reflected the diverse terroir of the Barossa. They carefully selected six vineyards representing different districts throughout the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, focusing on Shiraz, Grenache, and Mataro.

A Personal Connection to the Regions

The founder's son, having spent his childhood in both the hot and sunny Marananga of the Barossa Valley and the cooler high hills of Flaxman's Valley in Eden Valley, intimately understood the distinct wine styles and greatness of these two regions. The wines produced by Powell & Son aimed to showcase the unique qualities of each region, with approximately half of their production sourced from both areas. Notably, their most premium wines consisted of single vineyard Shirazes from Flaxman's Valley and Marananga.

An Ode to the Original Settlers

The six vineyards selected for Powell & Son's single vineyard series included two Shiraz vineyards from each of the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, as well as one Grenache and one Mataro vineyard. Some of these vineyards were the very ones that the founder and his wife had revived, tending to them for over two decades. Many of these vines had surpassed a century in age. The wines from these vineyards were named after the pioneering families who had the foresight to plant these varieties in the unique soils over a hundred years ago.

Preserving Tradition and Exploring Barossa's Diversity

Powell & Son also produced five wines under their regional series, which paid homage to the traditional wine styles that had stood the test of time in the Barossa. This series included a Grenache Shiraz Mataro blend, a blend of Barossa and Eden Valley Shiraz, a Barossa Valley Shiraz, an Eden Valley Riesling, and a premium Barossa Valley blend of Roussanne Marsanne, recognized as a world-class white wine style.

A Commitment to Terroir Expression

With a focus on expressing terroir, Powell & Son took a hands-on approach to their vineyards. They personally worked on pruning and maintaining the vines during the winter and spring seasons, followed by vinification in the autumn. The viticultural practices employed organic methods, with some vineyards managed biodynamically. In the vineyard, they employed rod and spur pruning for Shiraz and bush vine pruning for Grenache and Mataro, ensuring an honest expression of each vineyard's unique character.

Thoughtful Vinification Process

The vinification process at Powell & Son involved open concrete fermenters, pumping over, and basket pressing, which contributed to a highly oxidative environment. After fermentation, the wines were treated with a highly reductive approach to preserve their distinctive character. French oak played a significant role in aging the wines, with a combination of large oak foudré, barriques, and puncheons.

A True Expression of Home: The Barossa

Powell & Son's unwavering commitment to balance, freshness, and vineyard expression resulted in wines that truly reflected their origins in the Barossa. Each bottle carried the essence of their home, an embodiment of the region's rich history, diverse terroir, and winemaking legacy.

Experience the Essence of Powell & Son

Indulge in the exceptional wines crafted by Powell & Son, where history, terroir, and craftsmanship converge. Discover the captivating flavours that transport you to the heart of the Barossa. Browse The Reserve Cellar to explore our curated selection and elevate your wine experience today.

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