Hurley Lodestone Pinot Noir 2021


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Mornington Peninsula, Australia
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Hand-harvested with care on the 16th and 17th of March 2021, the fruit embarked on a transformative journey, guided by indigenous yeasts. After a patient twenty-one days in the vat, the elixir underwent the gentle embrace of a basket press and matured for twenty months in barrels, a quarter of which were new. Finally, the culmination of this meticulous process resulted in a November 2022 bottling.

In the glass, a mesmerizing mid-ruby hue sets the stage for an olfactory symphony. The nose unfolds as a harmonious blend of flowers, fruits, and the very essence of the forest floor. Violets, raspberries, and black cherries dance alongside notes of crushed nuts and ferny undergrowth. This medium-bodied masterpiece delivers a full-flavored experience, with an intense fusion of red and black cherries that linger with remarkable length and persistence. Though tightly structured in its current state, a promise of unfolding complexity awaits with a touch of time.

Fine tannins and a vibrant acidity act as the elegant frame for this impeccably balanced creation. At 13.2% alcohol content, this gem is sealed with a Diam cork, encapsulating the essence of craftsmanship and dedication. As it rests, it invites anticipation for the unveiling of its intricate layers.

Nestled around the crest of a quaint volcanic hill in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia, Hurley Vineyard paints a picturesque panorama. Kevin Bell and Tricia Byrnes are not merely vintners; they are artisans devoted to unveiling the unique character of their three distinct single vineyard plots or climats. Inspired by the revered traditions of Burgundy, their pursuit is not to replicate the wines of the Cote d’Or in flavor, but to embrace the ethos of single-site expressions and terroir-driven wines.

Having taken root in 1998 and 1999, the estate spans 3.43 hectares, each meticulously dedicated to Pinot Noir across three clearly defined climats: Lodestone, Hommage, and Garamond. In the hands of Kevin and Tricia, the vines breathe life into the terroir, echoing the spirit of Burgundian winemaking while crafting a narrative uniquely their own.

Kevin says: “Our principles are: organic viticulture, non-irrigation, low yields and true expression of the terroir of a vineyard and the individual climats within a vineyard”.

Hurley Vineyard’s position receives abundant sunshine and free-moving air, yet is well-protected from strong winds by 100 year old pine trees and the surrounding topography. The hill is capped by stony, red-brown earth. This ‘Older Volcanic’ soil type is quick to warm and slow to cool, and retains moisture and drains freely.

Winemaking consists of hand-picked fruit arriving to the winery where grapes are cooled overnight before 100% destemmed whole berries (no whole-bunch) go into 2 ton open top fermenters. Pre-ferment maceration cold soak of approximately one week before fermentation with natural yeasts. Pieage twice a day then post ferment maceration 5 to 7 days vintage dependent. Gravity fed into a basket press then into barrel for aging. Kevin and Tricia are passionately committed to one cooper, Sirugue, based in Nuit St George. Kevin highlights that he loves the fact the staves are air-dried for a minimum of 4 years before they are used for the barrels, giving the wood time to season and low toasting. 1/4 to 1/3 new oak for the elevage of each wine, 20 months approx total aging, no racking at any stage until bottling and under gravity.


92 points
Huon Hooke

Medium-light ruby/brick-red colour; the bouquet is very foresty, savoury, underbrush and humus, leaf litter and flake tobacco. Ethereal faded flowers. In the mouth, it's fine and firm, light to medium bodied and yet has good intensity and focus in the middle palate, the finish cleansed by balanced, drying tannins. Lovely flavour in a more savoury style of Pinot.


Serving Temp.
14-16 °C
Food pairing
Australian Pinot Noir pairs well with dishes like roasted duck or grilled salmon, complementing its versatile profile with earthy and fruity notes.

Tasting Profile

Aromatically sitting in the black fruit spectrum. Lighter in colour than the other two climats and also a little more savoury with some nice structure. Certainly, this wine speaks of the soil, rocky even, on the palate. Excellent wine! Inhale the complexity of a meticulously crafted bouquet. The nose unfolds into a captivating mix of flowers, fruits, and the very essence of the forest floor. Violets, raspberries, and black cherries dance in aromatic harmony, accompanied by subtle notes of crushed nuts and ferny undergrowth.
This medium-bodied masterpiece delivers a full-flavored experience on the palate. Intense red and black cherries take center stage, leaving a lasting impression with remarkable length and persistence. The taste is a journey, tightly structured at this stage, yet promising to uncoil with time. Fine tannins and fresh acidity frame this wine, offering a balanced and refined sipping experience. As you explore, the wine reveals its intricate layers, inviting anticipation for the evolving complexity within. At 13.2% alcohol content, this wine is a testament to craftsmanship, sealed with a Diam cork, ready to unfold its story with each sip.

Hurley Lodestone Pinot Noir 2021

Hurley Lodestone Pinot Noir 2021

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