Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018


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Piedmont, Italy




The Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018 stands as a luminous testament to the extraordinary potential of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, capturing their essence with remarkable finesse. In the glass, it unveils a pale straw hue, a prelude to the vibrant and refreshing flavors that await.

This white wine isn't just an ordinary sip; it's an exhilarating journey for the palate. Its allure extends to a protracted and deeply satisfying finish that lingers, a reminder of its exceptional craftsmanship.

In essence, the Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018 is a luminous jewel in the world of white wines, a captivating showcase of Sauvignon Blanc's unique character and the Langhe terroir's terroir. Its versatility knows no bounds, gracefully enhancing the joys of seafood, from succulent grilled shrimp to delicate scallops, while also complementing lighter pasta dishes and vegetable soups.

This wine is a living testament to Gaja's unwavering commitment to the pursuit of vinous excellence and elegance. It embodies their ethos of crafting wines of exceptional quality, where every bottle is a masterpiece in itself, destined to leave an indelible mark on the discerning palates of wine connoisseurs. The Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018 is an invitation to experience the symphony of flavors that only the marriage of nature's bounty and the art of winemaking can create, a symphony that promises to delight even the most refined and demanding of wine enthusiasts.


Serving Temp.
10-12 °C
Food pairing
White Fish

Tasting Profile

On the nose, it is intense and complex, with a bouquet of citrus fruit, such as grapefruit and lime, mixed with floral and herbal notes, such as elderflower and thyme.
On the palate, the wine is vibrant and lively, with a bright acidity that balances the wine's richness. The flavors are layered and concentrated, featuring citrus fruit, passion fruit, and a hint of minerality, which are complemented by a subtle oak spice.

Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018

Gaja Alteni di Brassica Langhe 2018
Out of stock

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