Contarini Millesimato Extra Dry Prosecco


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Veneto, Italy


This sparkling wine unveils itself in a luminous hue reminiscent of pale golden straw, adorned with subtle hints of verdant undertones. Extra Dry Prosecco is a sparkling wine crafted in a style that balances sweetness and acidity, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. You can expect to find notes of fresh fruits such as green apples, pears, and citrus, along with floral and sometimes nutty undertones.

Extra Dry Prosecco's versatility makes it an excellent choice as an aperitif, pairing well with a wide range of appetizers, from light cheeses and bruschetta to seafood dishes. Its moderate sweetness complements spicy cuisines like Thai or Indian, helping to cool the palate. It can also accompany desserts that aren't overly sweet, such as fruit tarts or almond-based pastries.

Overall, Extra Dry Prosecco wines provide a delightful option for those seeking a sparkling wine with a touch of sweetness that complements a variety of culinary experiences and social occasions.


Cork, cage and foil
Serving Temp.
6-8 °C
Food pairing
Prosecco pairs well with a variety of dishes, from fresh seafood and light appetizers to fruity desserts and salty snacks.

Tasting Profile

Its fragrance evokes memories of blooming acacia blossoms.
The flavour is crisp, gentle, subtly sugary, filled with fruity notes and a distinctive essence akin to acacia honey, complemented by a generous effervescence that fades away gracefully.

Contarini Millesimato Extra Dry Prosecco

Decanter World Wine Awards
Contarini Millesimato Extra Dry Prosecco

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