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Ceretto’s Barolo Bricco Rocche comes from a 1.5ha vineyard, the smallest defined MGA in Barolo, and a Ceretto monopole. “Bricco” is local dialect for the highest point or peak of a hill, and this striking vineyard lies in the heart of the Castiglione Falletto designation. Facing south-east, it adjoins the famous Villero, but is a cooler site than its neighbour. The wine has a lifted, cool perfume that carries all the way to the palate, where it delivers a deep and impressive focus. All of this is achieved with a welcoming, gentle gloss of ripeness. This is something rather special.

Established in 1982, the winery at Castiglione Falletto stands as a testament to precision winemaking, dedicated to vinifying grapes sourced from the most distinguished vineyards within the Barolo denomination. A beacon of architectural brilliance, the winery underwent an expansion in 2000 with the addition of the futuristic glass Cube. This avant-garde structure seamlessly integrates modern design, creating a captivating contrast against the backdrop of the surrounding hills.

Nestled within this winemaking haven is Bricco Rocche, the exclusive domain for vinifying and aging some of the region's most esteemed crus. This includes the prestigious Brunate from La Morra, Prapò from Serralunga d’Alba, and Cannubi San Lorenzo from Barolo. Bricco Rocche, located in Castiglione Falletto, is a Ceretto monopole, encompassing just over 1 hectare. As the smallest geographic area within the Barolo specification, it holds a special place in the winery's portfolio.

This remarkable site, Bricco Rocche, is not merely a vineyard; it is an emblem of viticultural splendor. Positioned at the "top of the hill" as indicated by "bricco," it represents a location where the best exposures thrive. The term "rocche" eloquently alludes to the cliffs enveloping the vineyard, emphasizing the dramatic and awe-inspiring nature of this exceptional terroir within the Barolo DOCG zone.


96 points
Antonio Galloni

The 2019 Barolo Bricco Rocche is fabulous, and also one of the best wines I have tasted in more than 20 years of visiting. Soaring aromatics and bright, layered fruit all meld together in a Barolo of uncommon elegance. Dried flowers, spice, tobacco and cedar are all wonderfully alive in the glass. This potent, virile Barolo is simply lights out. Elegance and power are rarely well integrated in a young Barolo. The 2019 is a wine of real breadth and resonance. Superb.


Serving Temp.
14-18 °C
Cellar until
2027 - 2050
Food pairing
Nebbiolo, with its nuanced and complex flavor profile marked by notes of red fruit, rose, and earthy undertones, pairs exceptionally well with rich, savory dishes such as truffle-infused risotto or aged cheeses like Parmesan, enhancing the wine's elegance and structure.

Tasting Profile

The wine, a mid ruby hue with subtle orange tinges, presents an appearance that hints at a slightly more mature character compared to other Barolos from the same vintage. The aromatic bouquet unfolds with ripe fruit nuances, oscillating gracefully between notes of raspberry and damson. Accompanying this fruit-forward profile are layers of spicy minerality and a subtle hint of cardamom, creating a captivating and complex olfactory experience.
On the palate, the wine reveals its full potential with voluminous fruit, showcasing a delightful interplay of flavors. The palate weight is elegantly balanced, offering a sense of refinement and sophistication. The texture is lush, enveloping the senses with richness, while the tannins contribute to a structured and well-defined mouthfeel, adding depth to the overall tasting experience.

Ceretto Bricco Rocche Barolo DOCG 2019

Ceretto Bricco Rocche Barolo DOCG 2019

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