Mont Joly Beaujolais Villages La Croix Polage 2022


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Beaujolais, France


Crafted from 40-year-old vines, La Croix Polage epitomizes the essence of terroir, showcasing the pure character of 100% Gamay grapes. A radiant ruby hue, kissed with hints of purple, heralds its presence. The bouquet bursts forth with vibrant red fruits, while the palate unfolds a symphony of fruitiness underscored by a delicate minerality drawn from the pink granitic sand.

Soft, seamlessly integrated tannins embrace the palate, adding depth and structure to this elegant wine. In the vineyard, JB meticulously tends to each vine, recognizing that nurturing quality and sustainability starts from the roots. Employing an innovative agroforestry system, he mirrors the harmony found in nature's wild forests, fostering robust vine growth without reliance on chemical interventions or disruptive ploughing practices that compromise soil integrity.

Through strategic cover cropping, natural fauna are enlisted in the fight against pests, maintaining a delicate balance in the vineyard ecosystem. This mindful approach also curbs vine yields, ensuring a concentration of flavor and quality unparalleled in each bottle.

La Croix Polage sets the stage for culinary delight, a perfect prelude to any meal, especially when paired with a sumptuous spread of charcuterie and tangy cornichons.


Serving Temp.
16-18 °C
Food pairing
Pasta, Veal, Pork, Poultry and Cured Meats

Mont Joly Beaujolais Villages La Croix Polage 2022

Mont Joly Beaujolais Villages La Croix Polage 2022

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