Southern Light Vineyards Ghostgum Chardonnay 2021


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Mornington Peninsula, Australia
95 points


Vines thriving in the rich history of a former orchard, this Chardonnay hails from Main Ridge, nestled 'up the hill' on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Meticulously crafted with oak treatment and attentive vinification, this wine gracefully unfolds in the glass, tempting the palate with an irresistible invitation. Purely delightful and utterly captivating. Little is known about this winery as they are very new to the market.

Chardonnay, the regal queen of white wines, bears a rich heritage steeped in centuries of winemaking excellence. Hailing from the legendary vineyards of Burgundy, this noble grape has conquered the world with its opulent character and timeless allure. In the glass, Chardonnay unveils succulent notes of ripe orchard fruits mingling with nuances of buttery vanilla and a whisper of toasted oak. Its velvety texture glides across your palate, leaving a trail of elegance, while vibrant acidity lends balance and poise. With each sip, Chardonnay reveals the captivating harmony of tradition and innovation, inviting you to partake in a legacy of extraordinary taste and refinement.


95 points

The super stylish 2021 Chardonnay Ghostgum Vineyard offers a delicious mix of power and complexity. Rich nectarine and peach skin layers are beautifully intertwined with savory, nutty tones. Juicy acidity keeps the excellent flavour volume tight. Gunflint nuances emerge on a long, textbook finish.

93 points

A hit of lively aromas, orange peel, tarragon, cumin, melon skin, peach. The perfume turns into the likes of pastis, herbal with a sweet tune, laced with cedar, crushed bark spice, and almond friand for the lees-y notes. Excellent mid-palate weight, filled with stone fruit and a hint of pineapple, concentration is there but the wine is not heavy. Chalky aftertaste follows with a high cleansing acidity but it’s milky soft. Elegant and satisfying flavours are spread evenly. Pretty good debut with Mornington fruit but I guess it’s no incident, just good fruit and skilled winemaking. Touch and go 94pts as GW would say.


Serving Temp.
7-13 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2028
Food pairing
Chardonnay pairs well with a variety of dishes, but it particularly shines alongside buttery seafood, creamy pasta, or roasted poultry.

Tasting Profile

Aromas of ripe peach and apricot greet the senses, evoking the warmth of a sun-soaked orchard. Vibrant lemon zest adds a zesty brightness, dancing playfully with the fruitiness. Subtle hints of lime provide a refreshing citrusy lift, enhancing the overall freshness.

Southern Light Vineyards Ghostgum Chardonnay 2021

Southern Light Vineyards Ghostgum Chardonnay 2021

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