Savaterre Freres Cadet Chardonnay 2021


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Victoria, Australia


When the stars align and rare, exceptional Beechworth grapes grace us with their presence, our esteemed winemaker, Keppell Smith, seizes the opportunity to craft something truly distinctive, bearing the esteemed Savaterre 'Frère Cadet' (Younger Brother) label.

The genesis of our Frère Cadet range stems from a desire to create wines that offer immediate gratification, embracing their youth with open arms. These wines are born from the same meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication that defines our premium Savaterre label, yet they possess a generous spirit that readily unfolds in their early years. Each grape is carefully handpicked, and the alchemy of indigenous yeasts guides the fermentation process.

Our philosophy dictates minimal interference, allowing Mother Nature's hand to guide the transformation. Following fermentation, the wine is tenderly nurtured for 18 months in the finest French oak barrels before embarking on a journey of bottle maturation in anticipation of its grand unveiling to the world.

The Frère Cadet series is more than a mere collection of wines; it's an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to the pursuit of vinous excellence, a testament to the union of tradition and innovation, and an invitation to savor the harmony that nature and craftsmanship can achieve together.


Screw cap
Serving Temp.
10-12 °C
Food pairing

Savaterre Freres Cadet Chardonnay 2021

Savaterre Freres Cadet Chardonnay 2021

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