Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg 'Alte Reben' Grand Cru 2021


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Mosel, Germany


The 2021 vintage was a knockout for the Mosel and has forged exceptional Riesling with fruit depth and acidity to see wines last decades. Brilliant and elegant, this Grand Cru expresses the vineyard terroir as beautifully as the fruit itself. Pristine Amalfi-lemon and red-apple nose that's extremely youthful and very slowly opens to reveal citrus-blossom and wild-herb notes. This is so mineral that it almost hurts. So much drive and energy that it nearly knocks you off your chair. Very long, star-bright finish.

Indulge in Elegance from the Heart of Mosel Valley: Introducing Julian Haart, the Luminary of German Winemaking

Nestled in the enchanting town of Piesport, at the very core of the Mosel Valley, emerges Julian Haart—a rising luminary in the realm of German winemaking. His journey of vinous mastery reads like a prestigious novel, featuring stints with some of the most revered names in winemaking: a year with Heymann-Löwenstein, two and a half years with Emrich-Schönleber, a year with Egon Müller, and three years with the esteemed Klaus Peter Keller. This pedigree ensures that each bottle of Julian Haart's creation is a masterpiece born from scarcity, making it a coveted addition to any wine connoisseur's collection. The limited production guarantees that every sip encapsulates the essence of exclusivity, elevating your wine experience with Julian Haart—a harmonious blend of tradition, expertise, and scarcity.

A Wine of Scarcity:

Embark on a sensory journey with every drop, as these wines boast a perfect balance achieved through Julian's meticulous craftsmanship. From the delicate aromas to the nuanced flavors, each element is a testament to the artistry of Mosel Valley winemaking. Unlock the extraordinary with Julian Haart—a wine that transcends the ordinary, offering a taste of rarity from the heartland of the Mosel Valley. Seize the opportunity to savor the allure of limited production and exceptional expertise, making Julian Haart's wines not just a choice but a statement—a celebration of exclusivity and the finest traditions in winemaking.


Serving Temp.
8-10 °C
Food pairing
Riesling pairs exceptionally well with a variety of foods, but it particularly shines when paired with spicy dishes, fresh seafood, and dishes featuring pork or poultry.

Tasting Profile

Florals, Herbals, Minerality, Spices
Apples and Pear, Citrus, Stone Fruit

Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg 'Alte Reben' Grand Cru 2021

Julian Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg 'Alte Reben' Grand Cru 2021
Out of stock

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