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Frescobaldi Pomino Benefizio Riserva 2019


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Tuscany, Italy


Frescobaldi embodies the essence of Tuscany, its extraordinary vocation for viticulture, and the diversity of its territories.​ Frescobaldi’s uniqueness stems precisely from the representation of this diversity, from its estates, and from wines that express a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations, springing from the characteristics of each individual terroir. Pomino ("little apple") is a small DOC located in central Italy's picturesque region of Tuscany. It applies to a reasonably wide selection of styles, though still, white wine is the most prevalent. The Marchese di Frescobaldi company dominates production. A Pomino Bianco must include 70 percent of one or more Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Trebbiano. Characteristically, they offer fragrant aromas of acacia, green apples, and peaches with a balanced, textural palate and a lingering finish. A Bianco riserva must be aged for at least 12 months, of which eight months must be in barrel.

The Benefizio vineyard stands at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, is south-facing, and has mostly sandy soil. The Chardonnay grapes are hand-harvested in crates with extreme care and attention. Once transported to the cellar, the pressing they undergo is extremely soft and gentle, allowing the clear must to be properly extracted right from the beginning, and it then undergoes a cold clarification process after decanting. The musts obtained are then put into barriques, 50% of which are new and 50% of which are being used for the first time. It is here that the alcoholic fermentation and part of the malolactic fermentation take place. Following this, the wine is aged in wooden containers on the lees and stirred as necessary.


Serving Temp.
12-13 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2029
Food pairing
Seafood, Chicken dishes

Tasting Profile

With the 2019 harvest, Benefizio, once again, shows its extreme elegance. Its shiny straw-yellow colour with hints of gold is an introduction to a magnificent structure. Its bouquet spans from fruity, to floral, to spicy, ending with delicate tertiary notes. The initial hints of citrus fruits that bring to mind candied orange peel and pink grapefruit, blend in with a tropical one of pineapple. The floral notes that subsequently emerge bring to mind acacia, and magnolia. Time brings with it a progression of vanilla, cinnamon, roasted hazelnut, and a tingling bite of ginger.
On the palate, it confirms its unbeatable elegance showing its structured, creamy, and sapid side and its solid, long finale.

Frescobaldi Pomino Benefizio Riserva 2019

Frescobaldi Pomino Benefizio Riserva 2019

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