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Farr Rising Gamay 2021


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By Farr
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Victoria, Australia
90 points


The enchanting story of our Gamay begins with the meticulous grafting of its vines onto the sturdy roots of cabernet plants, a transformation initiated in 1999. The stage for this viticultural masterpiece is set in soil characterized by black-cracking clay, embellished with a mosaic of submerged volcanic pebbles and boulders at one end, while the other end reveals a more crumbly and slightly more vibrant chocolate-hued soil. This harmonious merger of terroir elements bore its inaugural fruit during the bountiful 2014 vintage.

In reverence to the grapes' intrinsic nobility, they are diligently harvested by hand and subjected to a rigorous sorting process right in the vineyard. They embark on their vinous journey as whole clusters, gracing the fermentation tank. Here, under a seal of natural fermentation, they linger for a mesmerizing span of 10 days, gradually unveiling their carbonic fruit aromas. The pinnacle of this process involves gentle foot stomping, followed by pressing on days 11 and 12. Subsequently, the nascent elixir finds its sanctuary within the embrace of well-seasoned five-year-old barrels, where the final notes of fermentation are gracefully composed. This symphony of flavors matures and evolves over eight months, culminating in the culmination of a wine that bears the soul of its terroir.

The Gamay we proudly unveil is a testament to the artistry of nature and the patient hands of our winemakers, a testament that captures the essence of our unique soil and embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and dedication.


90 points
Mike Bennie

Sappy, Savoury, very herbal and peppery. Stemmy and super green. Tart and drying finish. Zingy, zesty expression here, kind of otherworldly for gamay but doing a decent job of being a refreshing, leaner red.


Serving Temp.
13-14 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2025
Food pairing
Roast chicken, chicken tagine with apricots and olives, pork sausages, duck with plum sauce, hangar steak, grilled steak, meat loaf.

Tasting Profile

The nose of the Gamay, so far, is fruitful at first before opening up to reveal berry flavours with earthy and gamey notes.
The palate is full of red berry fruits with savoury undertones. The structure is long, earthy, and lingering. With vibrant acidy and defined tannins, this wine is full of flavour.

Farr Rising Gamay 2021

Farr Rising Gamay 2021

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