Domaines Schlumberger Riesling Kessler Grand Cru 2019


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Alsace, France




We are 100 % estate winegrowers, we vinify exclusively our own harvest. We buy neither grapes, juice, nor wines (Alsatians winegrowers represent only 22% of the regional production).
Located on the dizzy heights of the hills of Guebwiller, in southern Alsace, with slopes reaching 50° and an altitude going from 250 to 390 metres, our mountain-side vineyard is surely one of the most breathtaking in Alsace.
Its excellent southwest, south, and southeast exposure ensures its perfect sun exposure.
Guebwiller is the only spot in Alsace producing 4 Grands Crus. Half of our vineyard, that is to say, 70 hectares, consists of these unique “terroirs”.
The wines of our Grands Crus portray, from year to year, the ancient memory of the stones of our land.
The Vosges sandstone, on the edge of the mountain, produces subtle nuances: plots located only a few meters from each other can produce very different wines.


Serving Temp.
10-12 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2028
Food pairing
fresh seafood platter

Tasting Profile

A strong mineral character and powerful aromas, a lot of lengths, and charm. The hilly curves outlining Kessler protect the vineyards from harsh weather, offering a warm and aerated setting. A sweetness that can be compared to the mineral intensity nestled deep in the soil. The Domaine Schlumberger owns 22 hectares of this 29-hectare area.

Domaines Schlumberger Riesling Kessler Grand Cru 2019

Domaines Schlumberger Riesling Kessler Grand Cru 2019

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