Domaine de la Côte Mixed 6 Pack 2021


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6 x 750ml
California, United States
95-97 points


6 x 750ml bottle

2 x Bottle 1: Domaine De La Cote Estate Pinot Noir 2021 - 95 points

Bloom’s Field spans the southwest-facing hillside that delineates the windward edge of their domaine. From first pour, this dark, glossy Pinot Noir’s complex aromas suggest earth and stone; but soon powerful high tones of fresh and dried flowers appear, merging with notes of bramble and pink peppercorn. Eventually, the savoury aromas give way to an emergence of dark, ripe cherries. Dense, lush, and luxuriant, its tannins and acidity are seamlessly integrated, giving the impression of a fully formed, complete wine.

1 x Bottle 2: Domaine De La Cote Bloom's Field Pinot Noir 2021 - 97 points

This estate selection stands out for its vibrant and easily approachable fruit characteristics, setting it apart from the rest of the 2021 lineup. Its aromatic profile combines luscious dark berries with delicate notes of rose, carnation, achiote, and earthy undertones. On the palate, its well-structured foundation showcases a rich core of dark fruits adorned with hints of refreshing eucalyptus, Kalamata olives, and robust herbaceous nuances.

1 x Bottle 3: Domaine De La Cote Memorious Pinot Noir 2021 - 97 points

Enchanting from the outset, it captivates with the subtle embrace of singed black tea and fragrant sandalwood, gracefully paving the way for a heart of vibrant red and black cherry fruit flavors that hum with restrained vitality. As it unfurls, the palate reveals layers of complexity, with echoes of tobacco, warmed earth, and savory undertones weaving through a lingering finish. A hidden treasure, it also reveals a discreet iron edge that beckons to be discovered over time. Patience will be rewarded as this wine blossoms to its fullest potential. Anticipate its peak between 2025 and 2035.

2 x Bottle 4: Sandhi Wines Chardonnay Romance Domaine de la Côte 2021 - 97 points

Situated just below Domaine de la Côte, in the westernmost vineyard with a southern exposure, this youthful planting reveals its character. The bouquet opens with notes of orchard fruit and flint, a prelude to the sensory explosion on the palate reminiscent of the vibrant, blossoming label it adorns. It dances with citrus blossoms, creating a symphony of flavors that burst forth. With a mineral backbone, it exhibits grace and agility, delivering an astonishing depth of texture. Rich fruit, subtle nuttiness, and enlivening acidity compose a harmonious ensemble. While exuberant and ready to please, this cuvée harbors untapped potential for the years ahead. It embodies refinement, exuberance, and authenticity to its terroir. Personally, it stands as my favorite in this collection—a truly distinctive gem. Pair it with sumptuous seafood selections like halibut or cod to elevate your dining experience.


95 - 97 points

Domaine de la Côte Mixed 6 Pack 2021

Domaine de la Côte Mixed 6 Pack 2021
6 Pack

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