Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles Combarels Lumiere 2020


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Languedoc-Roussillon, France
94-95 points


Experience the Essence:

Unveiling a sensory masterpiece, Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles presents Combarels A la Lumière, a vintage destined to captivate the senses. This estate, at the forefront of Languedoc's new generation of winemakers, elevates our expectations with wines of unparalleled quality and complexity. A true reflection of its Terroir, this vintage, hailing from the prestigious Terrasses du Larzac appellation, epitomizes mountain freshness and the character of limestone soils. Crafted exclusively from southern grape varieties—Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah—this wine stands as a testament to the region's viticultural excellence.

Aromatic Symphony:

On the nose, Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles Combarels A la Lumière unfolds a mesmerizing bouquet, where notes of violet, garrigue, and wild red fruits intertwine in a harmonious dance. This aromatic complexity gracefully carries through to the palate, where silky tannins provide a perfect balance. The wine's finale, both elegant and slightly gourmand, leaves a lasting and delightful impression, inviting you to savor every nuance.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

This wine embodies the exceptional savoir-faire of the Cassagne et Vitailles estate and the authenticity of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation. Immerse yourself in the unique personality of this vintage, a true reflection of the passion and talent of the visionary winemakers who brought it to life. Taste the artistry, experience the richness, and let the journey of flavors transport you to the heart of Languedoc's winemaking excellence.


94 - 95 points

The wine has a pale ruby color. The nose is aromatic, of medium intensity (+). Many floral notes in the bouquet: there are notes of fresh and dried roses, lilies, and cherry blossom, as well as subtle spices (white pepper, liquorice, cumin, fresh nutmeg) and a very slight saline hint and minerality. The fruits on the nose are juicy, fresh, and tangy: there are notes of red cherries, redcurrants, lingonberry, cranberries, and red plums, as well as blackcurrants and blackberries. A very delicate smoky and cocoa note on the second nose. The palate is juicy and elegant, on ripe red fruits (red cherry, red currant, cranberries) and tangy black fruits (blackcurrant, quetche), with subtle herbaceous notes of blackcurrant leaf, mint, thyme, and juniper. The tannins are fine, and velvety, with a good structure and of a medium (+) level. The finish is long fruity and round, with fine notes of pepper and liquorice as well as a touch of coffee. Acidity is high and very fresh, with good persistence on the finish. A warm peppery side on the finish (black pepper and peppermint). Beautiful complexity, precise and elegant structure, ample and concentrated wine.


Serving Temp.
16-18 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2027
Food pairing
Bruschetta; Red meats in sauce; Chinese grilled vegetable noodles; Brie with truffles.

Tasting Profile

Emanating from Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles Combarels A la Lumière is a mesmerizing aromatic symphony. The nose invites with a harmonious dance of violet, garrigue, and wild red fruits, creating a bouquet that is both captivating and nuanced. This intricate aroma sets the stage for an extraordinary sensory journey.
As the aromatic complexity unfolds, the palate is graced with a perfect balance orchestrated by silky tannins. Each sip is an elegant and slightly gourmand experience, leaving a lasting and delightful impression. The wine's palate is a poetic expression of craftsmanship, revealing the meticulous care and artistry poured into its creation.

Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles Combarels Lumiere 2020

Domaine Cassagne et Vitailles Combarels Lumiere 2020

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