Arnaud Baillot Meursault Blanc 2021


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Burgundy, France


Experience the essence of Meursault's abundant vineyards, stretching expansively across the renowned Cote de Beaune. A dominant force in the region, Meursault's vineyards boast an impressive expanse, with premier crus accounting for around 30% and village vineyards embracing the remaining 70%.

Nurtured within these fertile grounds are the finest Chardonnay grapes, a 100% representation of the varietal. These grapes flourish within the embrace of Meursault's organic vineyards, thriving amidst the unique climate characterized by continental influences, leading to slightly elevated temperatures and ample rainfall.

Arnaud Baillot's Meursault invites you to indulge in a sensory journey. A symphony of scents graces the nose, including notes of honey, linden flowers, hazelnut butter, chamomile, and a delicate trace of hawthorn. The wine dances in a resplendent gold hue and caresses the palate with its velvety and rounded character. Hints of yellow plum and gingerbread linger elegantly, painting an enduring taste experience.

The artistry of winemaking unfolds with meticulous care. Harvesting is an intimate process, guided by parcel-by-parcel ripeness assessment and meticulous grape sorting. Fermentation follows tradition, transpiring within oak barrels. A year of maturation in Burgundy Oak, with 25% sourced anew, further enriches the wine's complexity. Notably, the essence remains untouched by filtration before being sealed within the bottle, preserving its authentic character.


Serving Temp.
10-12 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2029
Food pairing
Crustaceans, Fish-based main dishes

Tasting Profile

Golden in colour and great aromatic intensity; honey, linden flower, hazelnut butter, chamomile.
On the palate a beautiful silky roundness evolves into flavours of white stone fruit driven by a great minerality and linear drive.

Arnaud Baillot Meursault Blanc 2021

Arnaud Baillot Meursault Blanc 2021

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