1683 Wines 'Loin Du Clos' Malbec 2020


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Upon earning his master's degree in winemaking, Gordes Frobenius embarked on a journey of vinicultural enlightenment, immersing himself in the art of farming, grape harvesting, and the meticulous vinification of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. He honed his craft over several vintages under the tutelage of two luminaries of the Burgundy wine world: the venerable Eric Rousseau of Domaine Armand Rousseau and the revered Jean-François Germain, affectionately known as 'the grower's grower,' at Henri Germain.

Witnessing the transformative magic these maestros could conjure from these grapes in their Burgundian homeland, Gordes Frobenius was driven by curiosity to explore what skilled hands could achieve in the distant Antipodes. This thirst for knowledge led him to diverse winemaking experiences with visionaries such as Timo Mayer in the Yarra Valley, Woodlands in Margaret River, Felton Road in Central Otago, and the enigmatic Dirty Three Wines in Gippsland. While these ventures bestowed invaluable insights, Burgundy remained his unwavering guiding star. Since 2018, Gordes has meticulously crafted wines infused with the same classical, non-interventionist ethos that underpins the essence of Burgundy's most esteemed Grand Crus, and he continues to maintain a close and enduring connection with his revered French mentors.

In the unique climatic embrace of Wilyabrup and Margaret River, Gordes discovered a canvas capable of producing wines of unparalleled poise and elegance. This land, while presenting its own set of challenges and advancements, offers the added grace of cooling sea breezes that temper the intensity of the sun's caress. The wines of 1683 have already earned a place of distinction on the wine lists of some of Burgundy's finest restaurants, signifying a promising and auspicious beginning for this exceptional endeavor.

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Serving Temp.
15-17 °C
Cellar until
Now - 2029
Food pairing
Pairs wonderfully with red meats, barbecue, burgers, game meat, spicy cuisine, hard cheeses, empanadas, pizza, mushroom dishes, and even chocolate desserts, thanks to its bold and versatile character.

Tasting Profile

In the glass, a Malbec from Margaret River reveals its distinctive character with a deep and alluring appearance, exhibiting an inky purple to ruby red hue, often radiating with youthful vitality. On the nose, this wine offers an enticing bouquet characterized by an abundance of dark fruit notes. Ripe blackberries, succulent black currants, and plump black cherries take the spotlight, providing a lush and fruity aromatic experience. Complementing this fruit-forward display, delicate hints of violets and lavender add an intriguing layer of floral complexity, while subtle nuances of black pepper and baking spices contribute depth and dimension to the aroma.
Upon the first sip, the palate is enraptured by the wine's captivating array of flavors. Luscious dark fruit reigns supreme, with bold impressions of blackberry, juicy plum, and velvety black cherry stealing the show. The wine's structure is gracefully enhanced by moderate to firm tannins, which impart a velvety and slightly gripping texture, while a bright acidity infuses the wine with freshness and balance. Some expressions may reveal a subtle influence of oak, with notes of vanilla or toasty oak, depending on the aging process. The finish is a testament to the wine's quality, boasting a long and satisfying persistence of dark fruit flavors, with a gentle emergence of spice or cocoa as it gracefully fades away.

1683 Wines 'Loin Du Clos' Malbec 2020

1683 Wines 'Loin Du Clos' Malbec 2020

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