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The Gentlemen Drink Our Finest: Domaine Romanée-Conti

Guy Ritchie’s latest action-comedy series, ‘The Gentlemen,’ now streaming on Netflix, is generating buzz worldwide. Featuring one of our most exquisite wines, the series highlights the unparalleled Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC); a gem in our collection and a rarity in the world of wines.

Nathan Rees  8 April 2024

“Do you drink wine?”

If you are passionate about wine, the successful new Netflix series ‘The Gentlemen’ directed by Guy Ritchie is a modern cinematic gem worth watching. During episode one, Giancarlo Esposito who plays wine connoisseur Stanley Johnston brings light to the exclusive circle of luxury wines with a strong focus on Burgundy’s Domaine Romanée-Conti (DRC) wines. The scene showcases that these are considered among the best wines in the world, with some bottles being sold at more than a million euros at auction. The series explores how these wines have ascended as potent symbols of status, desire, and captivating allure. This thematic resonance echoes throughout the unique realm of Guy Ritchie's productions, where aristocracy and crime intertwine like the complex flavours of a finely aged wine.

In the show, Mr. Johnston, a wealthy American, expresses his desire to purchase the newly inherited Halstead Manor. He arranges a meeting with Horniman, the main protagonist, at an exclusive private club in London. Against the backdrop of a billiards table, he casually inquires, "Do you enjoy wine?" leading them to adjourn to a secluded room. There, an assistant meticulously decants a bottle discerning readers will recognise as DRC.

Amid Johnston's persuasive efforts, he subtly passes a check to Horniman for the manor, calmly asserting, "Value is subjective; it's what one is willing to pay. If I deem it worthy, it holds value—for me, at least."

Horniman declines the offer, and the wine is served.

As the camera lingers on the bottle, Horniman identifies it as the DRC 2002. Johnston probes Horniman's affinity for DRC, to which he responds, "I lean more towards Bordeaux, but my father favoured Burgundy and collected DRC. Ever tasted an '82?"

Johnston's interest piques upon learning the bottle's staggering value of £20,000, with a scarcity of only 6 cases. However, Horniman corrects him, revealing that there are eight cases, two belonging to the estate and one to the archduke of Moldova, leaving the rest securely stored in their cellar, including two cases of the '45. Additional text on screen underscores the rarity, with a case of the '45 DRC fetching £1.2 million in a past sale.

Johnston, unsuccessful in his bid for the manor, seeks to purchase the wine as a consolation. He insists, "If I can't acquire the house, please allow me to buy the wine. I promise I’ll be very generous." In the next shot, Horniman is seen at Halstead, assisting in loading the wine onto Johnston's helicopter.

Perhaps it’s worth further noting at this point that we stock an array of DRC in our cellars. Whilst we're all about pushing the boundaries, shipping by helicopters might be a tad out of reach for our current Premium Wine Shipping services. But hey, who knows what the future holds?

Why is Domaine de la Romanée-Conti so valuable?

DRC stands as the pinnacle of Burgundian wine, revered not only in the realms of Burgundy but also across the entire vinous landscape. For those new to the world of wine or those just beginning to explore the finer realms of oenology, the question might arise: why does this Burgundy wine command such astronomical prices? In essence, it boils down to its divine quality, unparalleled reputation, exclusivity, and the inexorable forces of supply and demand.

DRC produces just 6,000-8,000 cases per year and is the only Domaine in Burgundy to produce wine exclusively from Grand Cru vineyards, making it almost as rare as unicorn sightings on a full moon night. But wait, it gets even juicier - two of these Grand Crus are what we call 'monopoles', where the entire vineyard dance floor belongs to just one: Romanée-Conti and La Tâche. It's like having the whole playground to yourself! Now, I could go on and on singing praises about DRC's celestial wines (heck, many have!), but let's delve into the fun part…

Scarcity reigns supreme:

Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of Romanée-Conti wines, through an intricate plot. The narrative echoes the intricate dynamics of aristocratic society, often imperilled by the shadowy realm of criminal pursuits. Throughout history, the aristocracy has grappled with the encroachment of illicit activities, mirroring the complexities found in the world of Romanée-Conti wines, where prestige intertwines with rarity.

Upon viewing the first episode, I immediately engaged with our team to discuss the show's impact. To my delight, they shared my enthusiasm! The knowledge that we possess these remarkable wines in our Reserve Cellar private collection added a layer of significance to our viewing experience. As it may to yours, if you have not already seen the show…

For those seeking the epitome of excellence DRC's wines are an essential indulgence. With unparalleled quality and distinct character, these wines elevate any collection or special occasion. Indeed, the magnificence and scarcity of these wines speak volumes, rendering the need for a television show unnecessary. However, "The Gentlemen" remains a worthwhile watch, especially paired with a glass of our esteemed DRC available to you through our online store.

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